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Doctor examining wrist

Dr. Terrell Joseph

Hand Surgeon and Orthopaedic Specialist

Hand Specialities
Tendon Lacerations
Finger Amputations
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Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon in Eagle and Summit County


We use our hands every day to dress for work, hold hands with our loved ones, and cook meals. When the tendons, ligaments, and bones that make up our hands are injured, our daily life can grind to a halt. Dr. Joseph is an orthopaedic hand specialist dedicated to helping his patients reclaim their lives.


Dr. Joseph and his team at Vail-Summit Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery are renowned in Eagle and Summit County for their skill in diagnosing and treating the following hand conditions:


  • Finger Fractures

  • Sprained Ligaments in the Fingers

  • Trigger Finger

  • Finger Tendon Lacerations

  • Partial Finger Amputations 

  • Hand Arthritis and Tendonitis

  • Skier's Thumb


Pain in your hand should never be ignored. Early treatment of hand injuries and conditions can prevent long-term issues in the future that can severely impact your quality of life. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Joseph and his team today to explore the most effective treatment for your lifestyle. 

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